Our unique design

Our horse trailers and horse trucks are designed for maximum comfort for both horse and driver. We build our products with quality and durability in focus, which gives a long life and high safety. 

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For the horse's well-being and safety

What does a horse care about technical solutions, such as aluminum chassis, sandwich construction and sprung bogie axles? A lot actually. Because it is exactly such technical solutions that mean comfort in the horse's world. The insulated aluminum walls and floor, together with bogie axles with suspension, provide a more even temperature, less condensation and a stable, quiet ride. You notice that the horse enjoys the transport already during the first journey.

We know you care about your horse's safety. Our construction is very rigid, which makes the cart stable and durable. The comfort and safety of the horse is always the starting point when we develop our horse transports.

The importance of ease

Aluminum as a construction material has a number of advantages. Above all, it is light, strong, rigid and does not rust. By building our trailers and truck bodies in aluminium, they are significantly lighter than other trailers of the same size. Because the trailer is lighter, fuel consumption is reduced. What you save in weight on the trailer, you can increase in the weight of the load. With an Umesläp, you can therefore drive heavier horses than in another trailer with the same total weight.

The aluminum chassis is rigid and durable. This contributes to our trailers being stable on the road and able to withstand great stress both from the outside and from the inside. In addition, aluminum is completely recyclable. Although the day when a Umesläp goes for recycling is long gone.

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Good insulation provides comfort and stability

The walls of a Umesläp are very different from the walls of other horse trailers. On our trailers, the walls and roof consist of two sheets with an insulating foam core in between.

Sandwich elements provide several advantages: The insulation increases the comfort of the horses in the trailer. The trailer gets warm in the winter and cool in the summer compared to an uninsulated trailer and it shields well against unwanted noise. The insulation and the very good ventilation provide minimal condensation.

The construction is also very rigid, which makes the cart stable. It does not collapse even if it were to fall over in an accident.

Superior road characteristics

When you work together, the result is usually better. It is a truth that also applies to our bogie axles with individual suspension that provide smooth running and minimal heeling.

The bogie axles with individual suspension provide a smooth ride and minimal roll, which means they almost eliminate roll in curves. This leads to superior road characteristics, better stability and increased safety.

All Umesläp have bogie axles with individual suspension that provide smooth running and minimal heeling.


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We pay attention to the details

All details are important for a trailer to work really well. The detail quality of our trailers is high and designed with a focus on safety, precision and durability. We leave nothing to chance and we continuously evaluate and upgrade our models.

All doors are equipped with door holders and insulating rubber strips. The tailgate is fitted with a grooved rubber mat for non-slip protection and easy cleaning.

Fully enclosed hinge means that dirt and gravel are not in the way when you close the door. Sunroof and a front window as air intake provide good ventilation.