the tug of war hero

Join us on this summers greatest road trip!

Trailer on tour

We connect a B60 loaded with 750kg behind an electric car (Volvo EC40). The start is from Bygdsiljum in Västerbotten and our goal is the Falsterbo Horse Show, which starts on July 6!

The whole idea of the trip is to challenge prejudices and show that it is entirely possible to pull a horse transport with an electric car all 135 miles. Will it be a challenge or will it be a 'walk in the park'?


Win a whole year with a Umesläp B60!

By participating in the competition, you have the opportunity to win a whole year with a B60 from Umesläp! 

To participate, we want you to fill in the details below, follow us on Instagram, like and share a Dragkampen post in your event, tag us and use #dragkampen2024!

If you have a private account, you can send a screenshot of your event when you shared so we can see your contribution ♥

The tug of war