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Our circular offer

At Umesläp, we strive to manufacture vehicles that enable the customer to move their horses with as little environmental impact as possible. We do this through smart material choices and constructions, and circular business offers.

When we design our vehicles, one of our most important goals is for them to last for many years and operate with as little maintenance as possible. Customers should feel secure in the fact that when repairs or maintenance still need to be carried out, Umesläp offers genuine spare parts many decades after their horse trailer or truck was manufactured.

Longest possible lifespan

Longest possible lifespan

When we talk about longevity, we mean future-adaptive product design.

By that we mean that all our products must be attractive for as long as possible in the future and avoid an all-too-short life cycle. The surest way to succeed in this is, of course, to give the products a technically long shelf life. Then they can carry out their tasks problem-free for a long time to come. 

This is Anti-wear-and-throw. Fashionable durability such as timeless design is also important, as well as functional durability that meets new demand for a certain function in the product.


For our new production there is a focus on the suppliers on recycled raw material and a constant pursuit of improvements in production and product to minimize negative environmental effects. 

Aluminum and other materials are recycled in cooperation with recycling companies. End-of-life products can therefore become new, useful products. Umesläp must also influence the industry and customers to make environmentally friendly choices, so that the products are as recyclable as possible.

In this way, we do both horse owners and the world a service


Standard equipment included in the basic price

Summer wheels alu 15″
12 fastening loops
High taillights
Aluminum ramp
Total weight 1300-2400kg
Foldable support wheel
Led lighting cabinet
Roof vent
Aluminum colander
Boggie axles with suspension
Aluminum frame
Sandwich elements walls ceiling


Prices excluding VAT

Support legs 2 pcsSEK 1,000
Footstep doorSEK 1,250
Friction clutchSEK 4,650
DoorSEK 4,500
Sunroof stSEK 1,600
Nut protection wallDepending on size
Slide rails scooterDependent model
Sales hatch pageSEK 10,000
Openable windowSEK 3,000
Sunroof stSEK 1,000
Wall with sliding doorSEK 8,000
Summer alloy rim 17″ replaces 15″ aluSEK 6,000
Winter wheels studded aluSEK 12,000
Winter wheels friction aluSEK 12,800
Spare wheelSEK 1,300
Reverse cameraSEK 5,400
Fan with lightingSEK 3,000
Fire extinguisherSEK 500
Traction protectionSEK 428
Jack powerSEK 500
Umesläp is in an expansive development phase. The market puts a lot of pressure on our products and we have therefore decided to meet this need. During 2020-2021, we are investing in new technology such as material selection, assembly technology, among other things. Everything for a more efficient, safer production line with a focus that makes the product even more circular with the help of material selection that, among other things, means that the product's low weight contributes to less climate impact, and that quality and the working environment are put in focus. We are therefore happy that the Swedish Agricultural Agency is on board and supporting us in our venture.